Steve Lee


Died: 2010-09-06
Age: 47
Cause: Accident

Steve Lee, the frontman of Gotthard, one of Switzerland’s most popular bands, has died. Lee died on Tuesday in what’s been described as a freak road accident in Nevada. He’d been fulfilling a lifelong dream to drive around the United States on a Harley Davidson when a tractor-trailer skidded on a wet highway and crashed into him as he stood at the side of the road with his bike, girlfriend and the band’s bassist. Gotthard is one of Switzerland’s most successful bands—they’ve sold millions of albums and played alongside the likes of Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Bon Jovi. Their last 11 albums all hit the number one spot in the charts. His label Nuclear Blast Records said of Lee’s death, “we not only lose one of the world’s best rock voices but also an extraordinary personality.”

Photo: Unknown

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