Malcolm Mc Laren


Died: 2010-04-08
Age: 64
Cause: Cancer

Former Sex Pistols Manager Malcolm McLaren died on thursday, April 8, 2010 in New York City at the age of 64. McLaren was born in London. After finishing art college, he and designer Vivienne Westwood opened a Kings Road clothing store in the early 70's called Let It Rock, later renamed Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die. In 1972, McLaren began designing clothes for the New York Dolls and then started to manage the group. In 1977 he formed Sex Pistols and later the band BowWowWow (you can find more about them here on Lost Idols). McLaren also became a solo artist and released songs like "Buffalo Gals" and "Double Dutch" in 1978. In recent years, McLaren co-produced a documentary called "Fast Food Nation" and was also in the British reality TV shows "The Baron" and "Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack." In 2008, he created a sound painting series called "Shadow" that was premiered on MTV's screen in Times Square.

Photo: Unknown

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