Frankie Laine

Solo Artist

Died: 2007-02-06
Age: 93
Cause: Heart Disease

Frankie Laine dies at 93. Frankie Laine, was one of the most popular entertainers of the 1950s, died feb 6, 2007. He was 93. Laine died of heart failure in San Diego, USA. Most famous for songs like "That's My Desire", "Jezebel", "I Believe" and others. He had many Top Ten in the early years of Rock'n'Roll He was also the voice of the theme to the TV show "Rawhide" from the 60's, and the theme to the Mel Brooks movie "Blazing Saddles". Frankie Laine was born as Frank LoVecchi, March 30, 1913. Frankie Laine is survived by his second wife, Marcia, a brother and two daughters.

Photo: Unknown

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