Desmond Dekker

Solo Artist

Died: 2006-05-26
Age: 64
Cause: Heart Attack

Jamaican star, Desmond Dekker died May 26th, 2006 of a Heart Attack in his home in London, UK. He was 64. Desmond Dekker, who had an international hit with "The Israelites", was born as Desmond Dacres in Kingston, Jamaica. Dekker first auditioned in 1961, but didn't record his first song, "Honour Your Father and Mother", until 1963. Other local hits followed, and Dekker eventually found his own ska backing group, the Aces. In 1967, he recorded the local hit "Tougher Than Tough" with Derrick Morgan, and his own, "007 (Shanty Town)". But it wasn't until 1968 that Dekker became an international star. "The Israelites" introduced reggae to a worldwide audience, topping the UK charts and reaching the top 10 in the US. Although he never had another hit as big as "The Israelites," Dekker continued to release singles and albums in the 1970s and 1980s and the cassette tape brand, Maxell used "The Israelites" in an ad in the 90's, bringing the song back into public view. Dekker continued to tour and record and had a full schedule of performances planned for the summer 2006.

Photo: Unknown

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