Jack Ely

The Kingsmen

Died: 2015-04-29
Age: 71
Cause: Illness

Jack Ely, the former singer of the Kingsmen and the famous voice behind the hit "Louie Louie," has died in his home in Richmond, Oregon. Ely co-founded the Kingsmen in 1959. The group recorded its cover of Richard Berry's 1957 tune "Louie Louie". The song became a Number 2 hit and stayed on the charts for 16 weeks. Jack left the Kingsmen, who are still active, shortly after the single came out. He later formed a rival group, the Courtmen – who recorded their own "Louie Louie '66" – and later a group called Jack E. Lee and the Squires, who released a single titled "Love That Louie."

Photo: Unknown

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