Robin Gibb

Bee Gee's

Died: 2012-05-21
Age: 62
Cause: Cancer

Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees has died. Gibb died after a long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery, according to a statement on his official website. Robin and his brothers Barry and Maurice Gibb racked up dozens of hit songs in their five decade career. Robin Gibb, who had cancer, was 62. Robin, Maurice and Barry Gibb were born on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. Later, the family moved to Australia. The Bee Gees might be forever linked to the 1970s, thanks to the songs they wrote and performed for the movie Saturday Night Fever. The Gibb family suffered a number of personal tragedies. Brother and solo singer Andy Gibb died at the age of 30 in 1988. Robin's twin, Maurice, died after complications from a twisted intestine in 2003. Robin Gibb continued the tradition of working with family up until this year. He and his son wrote The Titanic Requiem, which premiered with the Royal Philharmonic.

Photo: Unknown

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