Mike Starr

Alice in Chains

Died: 2011-03-07
Age: 44
Cause: Unknown

Mike Starr, former Alice in Chains bass player who went public with his drug problems on the reality TV show "Celebrity Rehab," was found dead in a Salt Lake City house March 08, 2011, nine years after the rock band's singer died of an overdose. Starr was 44. "There is nothing to indicate that this was foul play by another individual," said a spokesman for the Salt Lake City Police Dpt. Starr was fired from Alice in Chains shortly after the release of its breakthrough 1992 album "Dirt,". His former bandmates, with replacement bassist Mike Inez on board, enjoyed even greater success during the Seattle "grunge" movement. But singer Layne Staley's drug battles put the brakes on the band in 1996. Staley was found dead at age 34 in Seattle in 2002. Starr was possibly the last person to see Staley alive, and admitted to feeling deep guilt about not calling 911 after a sick Staley had warned him against it. "I wish I hadn't been high on benzodiazepine (an anti-anxiety sedative). I wouldn't have just walked out the door," a tearful Starr said on "Celebrity Rehab," a VH1 reality show.

Photo: Unknown

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