YAZOO (also known as YAZ in the USA)

They sang Don't go... and now they're gone...

The band name in the US was YAZ but in the rest of the world YAZOO (because there already
was a band with the name Yazoo in the US)

Yazoo had hits in the early eighties with songs like "Don't Go" and their debut single "Only You".
The members of Yazoo were Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet.

Vince Clarke (born july 3rd 1960 in Basildon, Essex, UK) was also the founder of Depeche Mode.
He left the band after the release of their first album "Speak and Spell", but he helped out the
band on their live tour following that album.

Alison Moyet (born june 18th 1961 in Basildon, Essex, England) with a very expressive voice.
In 1981 Alison placed an ad for "rootsy, blues" musicians to form a band. Vince Clarke gave her
a call and they started writing material together and became a successful duo.
The band stayed together for a year and a half and released two albums ("Upstairs at Eric's"
and "You And Me Both") and four singles.

What happened then?

Vince released a single together with the singer from Undertones (Feargal Sharkey) under the
name The Assembly. The single "Never Never" spent four weeks in the UK Top 20 peaking at
number 11 in 1983.
During 1984 - 1985 Vince wrote advertising jingles, started his own record company "Reset
Records" and did a single with Paul Quinn ("One Day") in 1985.
He placed an ad for "Vocalist Wanted" and auditioned 42 singers for a project where he planned
to record an album with ten different singers. He chooses only one (Andy Bell) and formed the
project Erasure.
Since their inception in 1985 the duo have released over 10 albums, a dozen and a half UK Top 20
singles and given synth-pop the reason for it's continued livelihood.
Need more info on Erasure? Go visit: http://www.mutelibtech.com/mute/erasure/erasure.htm

Alison signed a recording deal after the Yazoo break-up and has had a very successful career
as a solo artist.
She has recorded four albums, charted six UK Top 20 hits and has won three BRIT Awards
(The UK equivalent to the Grammy). After her fourth album Essex in 1994, she has kept a very
low profile. In 1999 Alison played a one-off gig at the Royal Albert Hall with the unique and
popular all-female touring festival, Lillith Fair.
Read more at: http://www.alisonmoyet.com/site/html/noflashframeset.htm

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