So you noticed this little button.
On this artist I really need some help from you.
Someone has been asking me about this artist and I either
haven't had the time to find all the relevant info or maybe
I don't know that much about this artist.

If you know anything special or fun about this artist I would
appreciate if you told me. Maybe you know the name of the
members in the band (if the artist is a group) or maybe you
even know what this person is doing today...

    Maybe you were in this group or migh actually be the artist!
    Some artists and musicians have helped me a lot here on
    Lost Idols, so if you are one of the missing people, just drop
    me a line and tell me what you're up to today.

Since this is a web site I only do in my spare time I'm really
depending on the help I get from people visting and sending
me e-mails and pictures as well that I can use.
I really hope you all know how much this means to me and
for all the people coming here to check this out!

Thanx for passing by anyway – Have Fun

Staffan Ofwerman

Send your info to:

I'll try to write something about it as soon as possible...