Staffan Öfwerman – the man behind Lost Idols.

I was born in a suburb (called Täby) north of Stockholm, Sweden, 1962.
I used to be a musician earlier in my life and toured with a couple of
Swedish artists and bands. Most of them only popular in Sweden.

From 1988 until 1994 I was a member of the Roxette band and did
some tours and recordings with them, including a worldwide tour called
Joyride (travelling the world for a whole year).
In this band I was playing percussion and 2nd keyboard and doing
backing vocals.

I toured with The Creeps in Europe in 1990, while Roxette were in
the studio recording the Joyride album.
I also have had my own bands, where I usually was the lead singer.
These bands were Stilmord (3 singles early 80s), The Breeze (5 singles
early 90s) and lately Nattugglorna (a look-alike-show of a Swedish singer
called Magnus Uggla). In the late 80s I also recorded a solo single titled
"Young" and I was then under the name "Ofwerman".
Nowadays I'm also the songwriter and lead singer in Grand Pop Station
(you will find our tracks on iTunes and Spotify).
I am also the lead vocalist in the Peter Gabriel Tribute show called
Shock the monkey.

In the mid 90s I changed track and ended up in the advertising business
and this is where I'm still spending my daytime doing final art in a company
called Okidok in Stockholm City.

I really hope you will enjoy your stay here at Lost Idols.

Have Fun

Staffan Öfwerman
Lost Idols