The Sweet was one of the biggest glam-rock bands in the 70's and is still one of my personal
favourites from that period.
The band was formed in 1966 by Mick Tucker and Brian Connolly, who both played in a Motown
and R&B inspirred band called Wainwright's Gentlemen, where Brian replaced Ian Gillan (later
Deep Purple). They formed the band Sweetshop, later shortened to Sweet, together with Steve
Priest on bass and Frank Torpey on guitar. After some unsuccesful single releases Frank Torpey
was replaced, first by Mick Stewart and then Andy Scott. The band signed up with RCA and the
songwriter team Chinn and Chapmann.
Chinn and Chapmann made The Sweet to a "single" band with single hits like: Funny Funny,
Co- Co, Little Willy Poppa Joe, Blockbuster, Hellraiser and Ballroom Blitz. In 1974 The Sweet
recorded their first real album "Sweet Fanny Adams" and that was the beginning to the end
working together with Chinn and Chapmann. Their next album "Desolation Boulevard" contained
"Fox on the run" who was their second hit single in the UK. Three more albums was made at RCA,
"Strung up" (which was a double album with both live and studio recordings)," Give us a wink"
(which included the hit "Action") and "Off the record" before signing up with Polydor where the
last album with the original line-up was released.
"Level Headed" gave The Sweet their last singles hit in 1978- "Love is like oxygen". After "Level
Headed" Brian Connolly left The Sweet trying to make solo carrier and the three guys left made
three more albums "Cut above the rest", "Waters egde" and "Identity crisis" before splitting up
in 1982.

Andy Scott

Andrew David Scott was born in Wrexham, Wales, England, June 30th 1947
After The Sweet he continued to play with different bands and also produced albums with
Swedish band "Sha-Boom" and he also started "AS Sweet" (Andy Scott's Sweet) in 1986
where also Mick Tucker was a member until 1987.
He is still touring and recording with his own Sweet band. The band now features
Andy Scott (guitar, vocals), Jeff Brown (lead vocals, bass), Bruce Bisland (drums, vocals),
Steve Grant (keyboard, vocals).

Check out Andy's The Sweet HERE

Steve Priest

Stephen Norman Priest was born in Hayes, Middlesex, England, February 23rd 1948.
This man has always been my personal favourite in the business since I was a kid.
Steve is now living in California, US and has been working on new material together with a
friend called Brett Ericson. There is a cd available and I bought it from Steve. Not sure if it's available in stores though.
I can highly recommend his book "Are you ready, Steve?" with really great stuff from his life
with The Sweet. Everything is included in this book... I mean everything.
Get your own copy: CLICK HERE
You can also find his solo-cd (released spring 2006) and an old live cd by The Sweet there.

Steve is now touring with his own Sweet-band in the US and Canada.
Check them out on: The Sweet Band

Brian Connolly

Brian Francis McManus Connolly was born in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, October 5, 1945
Brian died in hospital the 9 of feburary 1997 (Heart attack/Renal failure)
In 1984 he started his own version of The Sweet called BC Band and later New Sweet.
In 1991 the band name was BC Sweet

Mick Tucker

Michael Thomas Tucker was born in Middlesex, England, July 17th, 1947
Mick Tucker died at hospital on Febryary 14th 2002 (Leukaemia)
Mick was really a great drummer and in the mid 80's he continued to play with Andy Scott in
Sweet until 1991.

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Mick Tucker (left picture) Elliot Tuffin
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