This world is sure big enough for the both of you!

Sparks is a band fronted by the brothers Ron and Russell Mael from Los Angeles.

They started their first group, Halfnelson, in 1970 which featured Ron on keyboards
and Russell as lead vocalist; (guitarist Earle Mankey, his brother Jim Mankey on bass
and drummer Harley Feinstein).
Halfnelson soon came to the attention of Todd Rundgren, who helped the group with
a contract and produced their self-titled 1971 debut.

They changed the group's name to Sparks and almost reached the Hot 100 with the
single "Wonder Girl" in the US.
While touring the U.K. the Mael brothers moved to London, leaving the rest of the band
behind. The Maels placed an add in Melody Maker. Guitarist Adrian Fisher (who sadly
passed away in March 2000), bassist Martin Gordon and drummer Norman "Dinky"
Diamond became new band members and in 1974 they recorded ”Kimono My House”,
which reached the Top Five of the U.K. album charts with two major hits, "This Town Ain't
Big Enough for the Both of Us" and "Amateur Hour".

With new guitarist Trevor White and bassist Ian Hampton, Sparks returned later that year
with ”Propaganda”, featuring another U.K. smash hit "Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth".

In 1975 Tony Visconti produced ”Indiscreet”, and then the Maels returned to the U.S. to
recruit a new band and recorded ”Big Beat”.

They did some disco stuff and also recorded a duet with Jane Wiedlin from the Go-go's called
"Cool Places" which nearly reached the US Top 40 becoming their biggest US hit.

A couple of albums followed and after "Interior Design" in 1988 they were quite silent until
"Gratuitous Sax and Senseless Violins" which was released in 1994. It contained "When Do I
Get to Sing My Way", which was a hit in Germany. Then came "Plagiarism" four years later.

The band will announce details of their first concert of the year 2002 to coincide with the
release of their new album!! Check their site for the official announcement which should be
there any day now. Details of venue, country, and how to purchase tickets will all be announced.

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