Dave Hill and Don Powell started it all back in the sixties when they were both members of the
band the 'N Betweens.
They first met Noddy Holder who was then touring with Steve Brett and The Mavericks, whilst on
their way to Germany. They returned to Britain and learned that the resident bassist wanted out,
so they auditioned for a new bass player. Jim Lea applied for the 'job' and was taken on.

That left the band needing a lead vocalist, it was then that they met up again with Noddy who
had split from the Mavericks, he joined and so the foundations for Slade had been laid.

The first album was Play It Loud and although it sold reasonably well it didn't chart.
The dilemma Slade were in was that they had a huge following for their live performances but
their records didn't sell particularly well.

The answer was to re-create the atmosphere of a live performance on vinyl, so they released
a live version of Get Down and Get With It - a song that wound up every gig.
It peaked in the UK singles chart at No15 and lead the way for appearances on the UK TV
show Top of the Pops.
The next release was Coz I Luv You, which entered the UK charts at No26 and two weeks later
was at No1 and that's where it stayed for four weeks!

Next came the single Look Wot You Dun and in March of 1972 the album Slade Alive! was
released, it was so popular it went to No1 and stayed in the UK charts for over a year!

The next single was Take Me Bak 'Ome - another No1 then Mama Weer All Crazee Now (No1
once again) and finally in 1972 Gudbuy 'T Jane. A second album followed - Slayed?.

The first single of 1973 - Cum On Feel The Noize went straight to No1 in the UK charts!
The very next single - Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me did exactly the same as No1 in the charts.
At the end '73 they released Merry Xmas Everybody, which went into the UK charts at No1.
Another album was released in 1973 - Sladest and yes you guessed it, it flew straight into the
UK charts at No1.

During 1973 Don Powell was involved in a horrific car crash that claimed the life of his fiancee
and left Don in hospital. it was feared that Don would never drum again but he pulled through
and carried on behind the drums, like the true professional he is.

1974 they starred in a film called Slade in Flame, which can be found on VHS these days.
I haven't seen it myself and I'm just waiting for a DVD release... soon I hope.

In the 80's they had a couple of hits as well, like Run Run Away and My Oh My.

What happened after then?

Noddy Holder

Born Neville John Holder, 15th June 1946
Walsall, West Midlands, England
Vocals and guitar

Noddy Holder is currently a popular radio DJ in England. He works for KEY 103 and hosts a
program which airs on Sunday evenings. He is also persuing an acting career.
He began co-starring in an English sitcom called THE GRIMLEYS.
Noddy is also a familiar face on UK television via his commercials which run for various sponsors.
Noddy often hosts programs for the English equivalent of VH-1 and was also starring in a
program featuring primarily hot women, racing cars and rock music.


Noddy wrote a great book titled "WHO'S CRAZEE NOW?!" about his life
(including the years with Slade of course). I really recommend this book.
Just click above if you want to buy it!

Noddy enjoys cooking and spending time with his children.
He has no immediate plans to return to performing music...with or without a reunited SLADE.
Noddy currently lives in a village in the county of Cheshire, south of Manchester, England.

In the Millennium New Years Honours List Noddy was awarded the MBE (Member of the British
Empire) for his services to music.

Jim Lea

Born James Whild Lea, 14th June 1949
Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England
Bass guitar, piano, strings and backing vocals

Jim has spent the great majority of his time post-Slade as a studying psycho-therapist.

He did spend a lot of time re-mastering Slade albums for CD for a while and you could see him
in person in January 1997 - during the BBC  "This Is Your Life" special for Noddy Holder!  

Jim compiled  "Feel The Noize" for Polydor (the latest official SLADE "greatest hits" collection).
He has also released records under the following names:
The Dummies, The China Dolls, Jim Lea, The Clout, Jimbo And Bull, The X Specials, Gang Of
Angels and recently Whild.

In 1997, Jim attends college to study psychology. And in 2000 he puts absolutely everything
on hold for a couple of years to help his mother care for his ailing father, which passes away in
november 2002.

Jim plays a charity show at the Robin Hood club in Bilston, West Midlands in 2002.
It is no surprise that it's a high octane, high volume, wall of sound of a gig. During this gig Jim
plays the guitar, instead of bass, and he also sings, which he never used to do. He also talks
to the crowd between numbers instead of being his normal shy self.
The gig was based on a jam session called 'Jim Jam'. This was the 1st time Jim was on stage for
18 years.

In 2003, Jim was asked to play live again but he declined to do this and replied "I'm going to
make an album and it will be Therapy".

Now the album is out and you can get it at: JIM LEA WEB SITE

Dave Hill

Born David John Hill, 4th April 1946
Fleet Castle, Devon, England
Lead guitar and backing vocals

Dave Hill is touring and continuing the legacy of SLADE alongside drummer Don Powell.
While SLADE never "officially" split,  Noddy Holder and Jim Lea have made it apparent that they
are not interested in touring or recording for the moment.

"The New SLADE"  is, basically, an opportunity for Dave and Don to tour and make some  $$$,
since it was Jim and Noddy who wrote the material and still gets the paychecks for that.

"SLADE II"  has released one album (Keep On Rockin').
In 1997 Jim Lea,  the strongest opponent of  "SLADE II" gave his blessing to Dave and Don to
drop the "II" and call themselves simply SLADE.  This decision was met with debate among fans.

At present, Slade 2 has two new cd singles out for sale. "Some Exercise" was released in September 2002 and "Take Me Home" released in November 2002.

With or without SLADE II,  Dave looks forward to a reunion with Noddy and Jim some time in the near future.

Appeared on the Christmas 2000 special of Never Mind The Buzzcocks on BBC 2.
Also on the 70's weekend programme Glam & Glitter on Channel 5, UK, February 2001.

Don Powell

Born Donald George Powell, 10th September 1946
Bilston, West Midlands, England
Drums and percussion

Don Powell is touring with "SLADE II" (see Dave Hill for more information).
Don spent some time persuing his passion (antiques) before hitting the road again.
He owned and operated an antique import/export company for a time. Word on the street says
that Don is currently working on his autobiography. This is certain to be an exceptional read and
we look forward to seeing it in print!

Don had a cameo role in the adaption of Lorna Doone on BBC 1 at christmas 2000.

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