Sandra was born May 18th 1962 as Sandra Ann Lauer in Germany and today her
name is Sandra Cretu.

Producer George Roman discovered Sandra in 1976 and recorded her first single
"Andy Mein Freund". Then she was in a disco trio in the 70's called Arabesque,
which were quite successful in Japan at the time (Sandra describes it as something
like the Spice Girls thing).
Between 1979 and 1985 they had released 15 LP´s, 30 singles and a CD in Japan!

After the split she released a solo record on the market "Japan Ist Weit" (a german
version of Alphaville´s "Big In Japan"), but it was no success.

Sandra met producer Michael Cretu who is now also her husband. He produced her
future albums and was also later the man behind Enigma.
When she met Michael he wanted her to change direction as a solo artist.

In 1985 she had her first mega hit with "Maria Magdalena". The record was a gigantic
success in 21 countries from South-America to Egypt. It reached the number 1 position
in the record charts and in 5 more countries a top 10 position.
After this, followed a couple of hits during the 80's and also she was the voice in
Michael Cretu's project Enigma.

The couple got married January 7, 1988 and then they moved the complete recording
studio with the whole team to live on the Spanish island Ibiza to get some privacy
(away from all media).
After giving birth to the couples twins in 1995 (Nikita and Sebastian) she was busy
taking care of the kids for some time and didn't really do any recordings.

April 29, 2002 she released a new album called "Wheel of time"

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