Suzi Quatro is from Detroit, USA. She had a band called the Art Quatro Trio at the age of eight.
Then at the age of 14 Suzi called herself Suzi Soul. She played bass guitar in the 1960's bands
with her sisters The Pleasure Seekers and released a few singles in the late 60's, in 1967 they
toured Vietnam to entertain the troops.

In 1971, with the band Cradle, British Record Producer, Mikie Most saw Suzi while he was in
Detroit recording with Jeff Beck and he asked Suzi to come to England.
In late '71 Suzi arrives in London with a suitcase and a bass guitar. Her first single, 'ROLLING
STONE', was a flop everywhere but Portugal, where it surprisingly went to No.1 in 1972.
Mickie Most had signed 2 new songwriters to his RAK record label (Mick Chapman and Nicky Chinn
in the 70's these guys became famous as songwriters for The Sweet, Smokie and others too),
they were to come up with Suzi's first hit 'CAN THE CAN' in 1973 which placed Suzi at No.1 on the
UK, Japan, Europe and Australia.

Suzi was now becoming famous for her leather clad tough wild, street wise form of rock with the
following hits '48 CRASH', 'DAYTONA DEMON', 'THE WILD ONE', 'TOO BIG' and her anthem, 'DEVIL
GATE DRIVE. Suzi's fist appearance on Top Of The Pops in England made parents shudder, seeing
this 5 foot blonde, decked out in black leather, swinging a bass guitar with 3 heavy guys behind
her, as she belted out 'CAN THE CAN'.

Suzi recorded a version of 'ALL SHOOK UP' by Elvis Presley, her idol, Elvis heard the version and
liked it so much he asked Suzi to come to Gracelands, Suzi declined.
In 1977 Suzi was offered her first major acting roll in the t.v sitcom 'Happy Days' and went on to
do 7 episodes.

In 1978 Suzi and her long time lead guitarist, Len Tuckey, were married in England.
Through the late '70's and early '80's, Suzis' music grows and matures, a slightly different style
but still rock, and gives her the first No.1 hit, in the U.S.A, 'STUMBLIN IN'.

On the 23 September 1982 her daughter Laura was born and 10 days after her birth it's straight
back to work with TV interviews and promotion of the new album. In 1983 Suzi tours the UK and
Australia including Laura in the t.v. interviews.

Suzi's keen to do some acting and is offered a part she had always wanted to do. The stage
musical 'ANNIE GET YOUR GUN' playing Annie Oakley. The part is recommended to her by Andrew
Lloyd Webber, who had discussed the part several years earlier.

In October 1984 Suzi's second child, Richard Leonard, is born. Suzi continues touring around the
world including Australia and brings the whole family as the tour runs for about 6 weeks. In 1986,
Annie Get your Gun finally comes together and the show moves to London West End Theatres.
The 1990's have shown a more musical direction for Suzi. She is signed to a new record label and
production team, Bolland and Bolland in the Neatherlands. Suzi's first album in 9 years is released,

In 1992 Suzi and her husband of 16 years decide to divorce, a sad year for Suzi when her mother
Helen Quatro passed away and also her mother-in-law.

1993 Suzi gets a guest t.v. appearance in the UK comedy hit 'ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS' with Joanna
Lumley and Jennifer Saunders. Suzi continues to release the odd single, "Fear of the unknown",
"Hey Charley" and "If I get lucky". Later that year work continues on a musical she has written
called 'TALLULAH WHO', about the 1930's actress Tallulah Bankhead.
In October Suzi marries her second husband, German Tour Promoter Rainer Haas. Suzi proposes
to him while in Egypt and then flies by Concorde to the USA for a small ceremony in Las Vegas.
Suzi and Rainer now split their time between Hamburg, Germany and Essex, England.

1994 she released an album of old hits and some new songs which was released Christmas 1995
in Europe called 'WHAT GOES AROUND'.

In 1997 Suzi returned to New York to finish recording 2 tracks for the new album working again
with Mike Chapman.

In 1999 Suzi was on the BBC TV show "This Is Your Life", an emotional show for Suzi catching up
with Family and friends from the USA and pop icons from the 70,s and surprise guest Chrissie Hynde
from the Pretenders.

An album was released May 10th 2002 with the title "Naked Under Leather".

And the last thing I heard was that she is doing a Radio Show in UK called "Rockin' with Suzi Q".
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