This was a couple of years before The Backstreet Boys...

NKOTB - Jordan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Joe McIntyre, Danny Wood and Jon Knight.
They were formed in 1984 by Mary Alford and Maurice Starr, the person who discovered
New Edition.
After his loss of New Edition, Maurice decided to form another all-singing-all-dancing group. 
This time they would be all-white and around 500 guys auditioned to join NKOTB.
Mark Wahlberg was a one-time member of New Kids On The Block but was never really
interested and quit shortly after joining.

The first recruit was Donald E. Wahlberg from Dorchester, Massachusetts. He was a rapper,
a singer and a break-dancer.

Jamie Kelley was also a rapper and a break-dancer who became a member of the group.

Jordan Knight was a great singer as well as a dancer. With his looks, charm and falsetto
voice Jordan would become the most popular member of New Kids On The Block.

Daniel Wood was known for known for his dedication, self-discipline and stubborness.

Jonathan Rashleigh Knight (Jordan's older brother) was considered an unlikely choice
because he seemed more interested in gardening than music. He was also very shy, but his
well-trained voice, through his years of participation in choir singing, appealed to Maurice Starr.

However, Jamie Kelley was not to remain in the group. He began drinking heavily and missing
practice sessions. So in 1985 Jamie was dismissed and a replacement for him was found in
Joseph Mulrey McIntyre.

Joseph ("Joe") was only 12 years old when he joined. He was a good singer, dancer and

In 1986 their first album, self-entitled "New Kids On The Block", bombed. However, the record
company Columbia had enough faith in them to allow them to sign NKOTB up for a second
album, "Hangin Tough".

In 1998 when Tiffany did her first major tour, she chose New Kids On The Block as her
opening act. 
While touring with her the New Kids enjoyed their first top 10 hit with the track "Please
Don't Go Girl".
They went on to enjoy success after success throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world. 
They became the first 'teen' group in history to achieve four top ten hits from one album in the
U.S. Then their fifth single "Cover Girl" also went top ten, lengthening their achievement record. 

In the U.K. they enjoyed seven consecutive top ten hits in 1990. They were the first American
group to achieve six consecutive top five hits in Britain.
They also performed 14 shows in London's Wembley arena in 1991.

However, their busy schedule was to have it's toll on the group and in 1994 they agreed
to split up...

Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight - Born May 17, 1970

Jordan Knight is about to release his 2nd solo album...we hope.  His first album was titled
Jordan Knight, and he released 2 songs off of that album, 'Give It To You' and 'I Could
Never Take The Place Of Your Man'.
New single is "Around The World". It will be released in Europe sometime in the 3rd qtr of 2002
and in the US in the 4th qtr and probably a European tour to support the record.
(According to Jimmy Jam at Flyte Time - thanx)
Also, Jordan has a son... Dante Jordan Knight.  Born August 1999.

Jonathan Rashleigh Knight - Born November 29, 1968

After NKOTB, Jon made his career in architectural stuffs and interior designs.
Now he's in Real Estate and owns a Real Estate company.
He is the only kid who is not really visible these days.
Maybe shy Jon just wants to keep his life as a single private.


Joseph Mulrey McIntyre - Born December 31, 1972

After NKOTB was disbanded, Joe made a career on theatre ("Tick Tick Boom").
He kept himself busy performing in stage plays. But later, he realized that his passion for
music was comin' back and so, wrote his own compositions. With the help of fellow NKOTB
dudes, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood, his songs were heard by many. And his very
own solo album, "Joey McIntyre... Stay The Same" was released. After that he also release
"Meet Joe Mac".

Donald Edmund Wahlberg - Born August 17, 1969

Donnie is married and has 2 sons - Xavier and Elijah Hendrix with his wife Kim Fey. 
Together with Danny he actually helped Joe in his first solo album.
They were the co-producers in Joe's album.
Donnie is getting active in the movie industry just like his younger brother, Mark.
He's been in "Ransom", "Southie", "Body Count" and "The Sixth Sense".
He's about to star in a new series called 'Boomtown'.

Daniel William Wood - Born May 14, 1969

Danny co-produced Joe's first solo album, "Joey McIntyre Stay The Same".
He helped Joe's songs be heard by many together with fellow kid Donnie.
He's been working on solo projects as well and has done some acting work too.
Danny is married to Patty and they have 4 children. Danny Jr from his previous
relationship, ason from Patty's other relationship and 2 more kids.

Thanx to Liz for a lot of helpful information here.

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