The man who brought rap music to the pop audience.

Stanley Kirk Burrell aka MC Hammer was born in Oakland, CA, on March 30, 1962.

There had been hit rap singles and albums before, but MC Hammer was the man who
brought rap music to a the pop audience. With his trademark baggy parachute pants
and sampled hooks, lifted straight from their sources.

Hammer recorded the album "Feel My Power" in 1987. After impressing a Capitol
Records executive with his live show, he was signed to a multi-album deal and the
album "Let's Get It Started" went double platinum.

In 1990 Mc Hammer released his second album "Please Hammer - Don't Hurt 'Em",
which was the best-selling rap album of all time. It included the single "U Can't Touch
This" with hooks from Rick James' "Super Freak".

A backlash was growing against Hammer's frequent "borrowing" (some said theft) of
classic hooks for his own hits. Seeking to counteract the criticism, Hammer dropped
the "MC" from his name and used more live instrumentation on his 1991 album
"Too Legit to Quit". It sold very well (more than 3 million copies) and included a hit in
the title track.

Hammer had his last big hit with "Addams Groove" (theme to the film "The Addams
Family") and then paused to reconsider his approach.

In 1994 he returned with "The Funky Headhunter" which went gold.

On 1995's "Inside Out" Hammer seemed unsure of whether he wanted to appeal to
pop or rap audiences. The album flopped, and Hammer was let out of his contract.

In 1996, Hammer filed for bankruptcy, because his taste for luxury. His mansion was
sold at a fraction of its cost... Hammer began to write new material with an emphasis on
spirituality. The album "Family Affair" was released on Hammer's own Oaktown 3.5.7. label,
but only 1000 copies were pressed, and were never distributed nationally.

Finally, Hammer released a new album, "Active Duty", through his own WorldHit label in
late 2001.

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