Limahl - The Neverending singer.

Limahl was the lead singer in Kajagoogoo (with hits like "Too Shy").
He also had a hit with the title song for the movie "Neverending Story".
His real name is Christopher Hamill and if you move the last letter L in Hamill
and place it in front of H and read his name backwards you'll get Limahl...

November 2000 Limahl survived a crash with a tour bus while travelling to
perform at a show in High Wycombe on the M6 just outside Birmingham.

Today he's got a studio in west London. He's been working with Kim Wilde,
Peter Andre, Liv'n'Joy (who had a no 1 hit a couple of years ago).
He also had his own band called "Limahl and the Limahlettes" in the 90's.

This man is still alive and doing some stuff around the world.

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