Nik Kershaw didn't let the sun go down...

The first hit from this man from Bristol was called 'I won't let the sun go down on me'
and after that had several hits on his own and as a writer for other artists as well.
Some of his hits include: 'Wouldn't it be good', 'The Riddle' and also 'The one and only'
for Chesney Hawkes.
In the early 90's he left the stage for a while... 'I thought I'd love to be a popstar.
I thought there would be a feeling of having made it. But there's not. There's insecurity,
and the constant thought of 'God, I've got to stay here'.
He continued to write songs for artists like Lulu, Cliff Richard, Elton John, Let Loose,
Conner Reeves and Boyzone to mention a few.
In 1999 he released his 5th solo album ('15 minutes') and in 2001 'To be Frank'.

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