This french band had a hit in 1983 with a single called Kao Bang.
The band was formed by singer Nicola Sirkis and guitarist/composer Dominique Nicolas in 1981
when they both were 20. After 4 months they had their first songs ready and also did their first
performance. It only took 4 months to start one of the biggest pop groups in France ever!
The line up was Dimitri Bodianski (17 years old) on saxophone and the brother of Nicola,
Stéphane Sirkis on sequencers.

In the summer of 1983 they had their first hit called "L´aventurier" which was released on a
mini album (containing 6 songs) that sold 250 000 copies.

In 1984 they had a really big hit with a song called "Kao Bang" (even outside the border of France).
Anotheer hit the same year was "Miss Paramount".

In 1985 they also had a few hits with songs "Canary Bay", "3 ème sexe", "trois nuits par semaine"
and "Salombo".
They continued with a hit in february 1987 called "7000 danses", which sold 320 000 copies.

1989 Dimintri leaves the band and then they were three.

1995 Dominique leaves the band and is replaced by guitar player Alexandre Azaria (who played
with Cri de la Mouche).

In 1997 they sold out their gigs, but the album "Wax" didn't get much attention in the press.

1998 they release a double live cd which sold 300 000 copies and also went into the studio to
record a new album.

Stéphane Sirkis, 39 years (born 1959), guitarist in the group dies in Paris on February 27, 1999
of fulgurating hepatitis.Nicola decides to contine the recording of their 8th album. In may the same
year they start a tour and end up at the Olympia in Paris which has been Sold out for months.
In august 1999 they release the album "Dancetaria", which was the last one with Stephane. It went
to No 14 in the charts and was produced by Gareth Jones.

In november 1999 the line-up contains Matthieu (drums), Boris (guitar), Marco (bass) and Jean-Pierre
Pilot (keyboards and co-writer on Danceraria).
The following tour is a great success with sold out venues, recording and filming of the last concert at
Zénith in Paris.

February 27 2000 they did an unplugged concert in honor of Stephane, which is later released on cd.

The last thing we've found is that there's been a new album release in march 2002 called Paradize.
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