Lost Idols need your help!

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It's really hard to find all the info about some of the people here.
I recieve e-mail everyday and really try hard to find the info in my spare time.
Maybe you know something that we are looking for and would like to share it
with all of us.

Right now I'm looking for info on the following people:

• Jez Strode from KajaGooGoo. Do you know what he's doing today?

• Ryan Paris (the man who sang "Dolce Vita"). What have he been up to lately?

• And Patrick Hernandez... maybe you are here... then send me an e-mail?

Do you have any info or recent pictures, please let us know.

If you have any info about any other artists, then send it to us.
One day we might need that info too...

Send your information to:

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