Chesney Lee Hawkes. Born September 22nd, 1971 in Windsor, UK.

He is the son of "Chip" Len Hawkes, bass player from "The Tremeloes" ('Silence is Golden') and mother Carol Dilworth, an actress and UK television hostess.
His brother, Jodie have been the drummer in Chesney's band and his sister Keely is the singer in 'Transister'.

Chesney started off as an actor in the film 'Buddy's Song' (about Buddy Holly) alongside Roger Daltrey and Michael Elphick. He played a young boy called 'Buddy Clark'.
When he was 19 he had a very big hit with 'The One and Only' (written by Nik Kershaw). This made Chesney's record the twentieth most successful release of the 90's in the UK.

In 1993, Chesney released the single "What's Wrong With This Picture?" followed by the album "Get the Picture".
In 2000, Chesney recorded an album of his own new songs in London and Los Angeles with producer Charlton Pettus. A number of tracks was mixed by Neil Dorfsman who has worked with Sting. Dire Straits and Paul McCartney.

The single 'Stay Away Baby Jane', from these sessions was released in 2001 and entered the charts at 74.
In March 2002, Chesney embarked on a 'mini tour with his four piece band which, initially intended to take in five dates, but continued to be extended due to the overwhelming response that the performances of his new songs generated.

Chesney has combined touring with appearing on 'Top Ten Teen Idols' (Channel 4), Banzai (Channel 4) and "Question of Pop' (BBC1).
There were also some minor roles including 1995's rock musical 'McGregor's Trap' and 1997 'Prince Valiant'.

Chesney has worked with numerous writers and producers, amongst them Mark Goldberg who co-wrote The Eel's "Novocain For The Soul", Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, Jesse Vellenswealla of The Gin Blossoms, and Counting Crows producer Marvin Etzioni. Other collaborators include Howard Jones, the Police's Stuart Copeland, Nik Kershaw & Bijou Phillips.

English band 'Hepburn', covered "Next Life", co-written by Chesney with Phil Thornally from Johnny Hates Jazz. (Phil also co-wrote "Torn", a hit for Natalie Imbruglia). Caprice charted in 2001 with 'Once Around The Sun' which Chesney co-wrote with Eric Pressley and he has also collaborated with Tricky on his 'Mission Accomplished' EP. Another of Chesney's songs, "Almost You", was in the film "Jawbreaker" staring Rose McGowen and Marilyn Manson and "Missing You Already" was in the film "The Night We Never Met", starring Matthew Broderick.

Chesney is married to Kristina and he has a son named Casey George Hawkes, born on august 29th, 2001.

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