What happened to Fox?

This band had hits in the 70's with "Only You Can", "Imagine Me, Imagine You" and also a hit in
Germany ("He's got Magic").

The band was formed by Kenny Young (the man who got the credits for writing the song "Under
the Boardwalk" for The Drifters in 1964). Lead singer of The Fox was Susan Traynor (from Australia)
who earlier did backing vocals on Kenny Young's solo album "Last Stage for Silverworld" in 1973
and also was in a band called "Wooden Horse". The rest of the band included Herbie Armstrong
(guitar and vocals), Pete Solley (keyboards), Jim Gannon (lead guitar), Gary Taylor (bass guitar)
and Jim Frank (drums & percussion). Kenny Young played guitars, percussion and vocals.
Susan became known as Noosha Fox and their first album "FOX" was a top ten hit in 1975.

It appears that Roger Taylor of 'Queen' added backing vocals to the track 'Survival' on Fox's 'Tails
of Illusion' album. Queen were in the same studio recording 'A Night at the Opera'.

What happened then?
Noosha Fox (Susan Traynor), had a solo career when she left the band (1977) during the late
70s and early 80's. She only had one minor hit with "Georgina Bailey".

Herbie Armstrong and Kenny Young moved on to a band called Yellow Dog and later Armstrong
worked with Van Morrison in the late 70's and early 80's.
Kenny Young has been working as a Record producer.
Now Herbie is running a Restaurant together with his Swedish-born wife Elizabeth, in Hampshire
called The Fountain Inn & Thai Restaurant. the rumour says they combine their talents in running
one of the best eating places in the area.

Pete Solley joined Whitesnake on keyboards in 1977 for Snakebite. He's also played with Procol
Harum, Mickey Jupp and many more. He has also produced records for Oingo Boingo, Motorhead
and Romantics.

Jim Frank worked as an sound engineer for Alice Cooper ("Welcome to my nightmare") and Peter
Gabriel's first solo album to mention a few.

Jim Gannon played with the band "Black Widow" and also did some vocals on Alice Cooper "Goes
To Hell".

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Photo: Gered Mankowitz