Adam Ant forms Adam & the Ants in 1977, an arty punk group that appeared after The Sex Pistols. In 1979 they release their first LP "Dirk Wears White Sox". Although the album didn't chart well, it was an underground hit. Adam decided to change the look of the band and asked Malcolm MClaren to help them out.

When the first British "Indie" chart appeared in 1979, "Dirk Wears White Sox" was in the number one position. That same year, Adam and his newly reformed Ants (the last group had been persuaded by McLaren to leave the Ants and join his other project "BOW WOW WOW") released the album "Kings of the Wild Frontier." Taking the UK & US by storm with their singles "Dog Eat Dog", "Antmusic" and "Kings of the Wild Frontier".

"Prince Charming" was released in 1981 and was also a successful album in the UK and US. (Incl singles: "Stand and Deliver" and "Prince Charming")

The Ants disbanded, and Adam brought guitarist Marco Pirroni with him.

Adam Ant

Adam Ant (Real name: Stuart Goddard)
Birthday: November 3, 1957
Birthplace: London, England
Since Adam also had a carreer as a solo artist you can read about him in a separate page on Lost Idols. ADAM ANT

Marco Pirroni

Birthday: April 27, 1959
Birthplace: London
Marco Pirroni (Ant from Kings of the Wild Frontier and Prince Charming and continuous collaborateur with Adam through 80s & 90s)
One of the original members of Siouxsie & The Banshees, he also worked with the post-punk band Rema Rema. Since the disbanding of the Ants in 1982, he has continued to work with Adam on all of his musical endeavors, including producing theAntbox 2000 collection. Aside from his work with Adam, he has also worked with Irish rocker, Sinead O'Connor, on each of her albums since her 1987 debut, "The Lion & The Cobra".

Terry Lee Miall

Birthday: November 8, 1958
Birthplace: London
Terri Lee Miall (Ant during Kings of the Wild Frontier and Prince Charming, drums)
Has appeared at several Annual Ant Convention held in London, England. He currently works for Warner Bros. Records.


Merrick (Real name: Chris Hughes)
Birthday: March 3, 1954
Birthplace: London
Merrick - Real Name is Chris Hughes (Ant during Kings of the Wild frontier and Prince Charming, drums)
is still apparently producing music for bands.

Gary Tibbs

Gary Tibbs
Birthday: January 25, 1958
Gary Tibbs (Ant during Kings of the Wild Frontier, Prince Charming, bass)
Also played bass with Kirsty MacColl on Titanic Days and with Corey Hart on his debut "First Offense." More recently, he been living in Los Angeles and is working on various music projects.

Mathew Ashman

Mathew Ashman
Birthday: 1962
Matthew Ashman (Ant during Dirk Wear White Sox / Bow Wow Wow / Chiefs of Relief, bass)
After leaving the Ants to join Bow Wow Wow, he also played in the band the Chiefs of Relief.
Passed away in 1998 due to complications with diabetes. He was 35.

Chris Deniro

Chris Deniro (Real name: Chris Constantino)
Birthday: January 25, 1958
Chris DeNiro (Vive Le Rock, bass)

Chris formed a band with Danny Kustowe (Tom Robinson band). They toured and recorded some stuff and thenDanny got ill and they disbanded.
Chris then formed a band with Annabella Lwin (bowowow). They had a hit with single "Do Do what you do" and then Chris left that band.

Then Chris did some stuff on his own and took a break. He now has a new band called Jackie Onassid which has played around in the U.K.


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