What happened to Adam Ant?

Stuart Leslie Goddard a.k.a. Adam Ant was the lead singer in Adam & The Ants

Adam Ant used to be in the band Adam & The Ants before going solo.

In 1982 Adam lef the Ants and became a solo artist, and released his most successful album "Friend or Foe." "Goody Two Shoes" become his only number one hit in the US. He also released the single "Desperate But Not Serious."
1983: Adam released and album produced by Phil Collins called "Strip". In 1985 came "Vive Le Rock". In '85 Adam Ant performed at Live Aid with the song "Vive Le Rock".
1986 - 1989 he appeared in several films and television shows including, the 1986 Broadway production of the play "Entertaining Mr. Sloane" (1986), an episode of "The Equalizer" (1986), the film "Nomads" (1986) with Lesley-Ann Down and Pierce Brosnan, and most notably "Slamdance" (1987) with Tom Hulce, Harry Dean Stanton and Virginia Madsen.
1989: Adam released "Manners and Physique". Despite cracking the Top 20 singles chart in the US and UK with "Room At The Top" sales on the album were soft.
1990 - 1995 Adam pursued his acting career and appeared in more films and television shows including; Steven Spielberg's "Amazing Stories", an episode of "Northern Exposure", and a vampire comedy movie in 1993 called "Love Bites".
1992: Adam recorded an album entitled "Persuasion" which was never released amidst problems with his record company, MCA.
1995: Adam released his 6th solo album "Wonderful" and also went on tour. Midway through the US tour Adam, guitarist Marco Pirroni & Boz Boorer all become sick and unable to continue the tour.
1997: Adam marries his 19 year old girlfriend Lorraine.
1998: Adam becomes a father with the birth of his daughter Lily on April 10.
2000: December 12 saw the release of "ANTBOX", a three-CD definitive collection of material including b-sides and rarities from the Ants years as well as from Adam's solo work.
2001: Adam was ill and hospitalized for several weeks.
2002: Adam was arrested on January 13, 2002 in London, England and was charged with possession of a firearm or imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence. Adam was not carrying a real gun but a replica and the charges hereby laid are not as severe they seem. Nor was his intent to purposely harm another individual. Adam was released shortly thereafter.

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